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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Make Bukayo

Bukayo is a common Filipino food. Have you tried this recipe? Touching the topic about Bukayo, is mainly consist of grated coconut.
Well, this is our favorite food when we are in the primary level or elementary, am I right? I admit that this is one of the Filipino foods that I usually bought in the store near our school. The taste of Bukayo is everybody’s favorite because of sweet taste that makes people like me, eat this food again.
Coconut has many uses. It can be utilized also in cooking biko, taffy, molido, special torta and other Asian food recipes in which the coconut milk is primarily used. Coconut milk is very important in all types of Filipino food as well as other Asian countries. Absence of coconut milk, the food dishes wouldn’t be perfect. Nonetheless, there are many recipes that can be found online that chiefly uses coconut milk. You can take another research online to discover more.
Actually, bukayo is an extremely a sugary dessert otherwise toppings which is mainly finished of grated coconut. It is prepared by means of boiling strips of immature, jellylike coconut (buko) in water as well as an addition by means of white or brown sugar. Here is the procedure and ingredients needed how to cook bukayo.
6 cups grated coconut (it should be chopped finely)
3 cups sugar or brown sugar
12 tablespoons glucose
First, you should mix coconut, glucose as well as sugar (white or brown sugar). Next, cook it in a copper vat or carajay, you must mix or blend it constantly in order to keep away from burning in awaiting it reaches a 95oC of temperature otherwise as soon as it no longer sticks towards the finger when you touched.  Consequently, place on a greased board. Then you can now roll into a sheet of 12 cm. long as well as 4 cm. thick. You must set aside allowing it to be cool.  Cut into a very sharp knife crosswise to produce bars about 12 cm. long 4 cm. wide and 1 ½ cm. thick. Then finally, wrap each bar in a piece of wax paper and keep in well-covered boxes. It can also be made into 1” balls.
You may try this dessert recipe at home and share it together with your family. You can serve this after meal since this is a dessert.

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